Public Interest Disclosure Act

What is the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA)?            

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) is BC’s whistleblower protection legislation. PIDA provides a safe, legally protected way for current and former BC public sector employees to report serious or systemic issues of wrongdoing to their supervisor, a designated officer in their organization or to the Ombudsperson. Following an investigation the Ombudsperson may make recommendations in a public report. 

PIDA also prohibits people from retaliating against employees who speak up about potential wrongdoing in the public sector.

Looking for advice about reporting a wrongdoing? See our advice page for more information.

You have learned of possible wrongdoing related to a ministry or office of the legislature and you want to report it.

Report Wrongdoing

If you reported possible wrongdoing, sought advice about reporting wrongdoing or cooperated with an investigation under PIDA you are protected from reprisal.

Report Reprisal

Are you a public body who is interested in learning about your roles and responsibilities under PIDA?

Resources for Public Bodies 

Role of Ombudsperson

For over 40 years, the BC Ombudsperson has worked in the public interest by holding public sector organizations accountable for their actions.

Our experienced and impartial investigators have broad authority to obtain a variety of information allowing us to conduct detailed, rigorous and independent investigations.

The Ombudsperson’s services are free and confidential.