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What we do

As BC’s independent voice for fairness and accountability, we work to make sure public sector organizations are treating people fairly and following the rules. We listen to and investigate complaints about local and provincial public sector organizations as well as investigate reports of serious wrongdoing in the provincial government.

Our work improves public services for all British Columbians.

Our services are free, confidential and available in multiple languages.


Services for Indigenous People

The BC Ombudsperson is advancing a decolonial approach in our work with Indigenous Peoples. We are committed to building and sustaining ongoing relationships rooted in respect, reciprocity and responsibility.

Clarity about road ownership and access vital to British Columbians

Victoria – Who owns this road? Who can use it? These are critically important questions, especially in rural and remote areas.

In a new report, Ombudsperson Jay Chalke calls on the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) to address problematic road legislation that has real-life consequences for many British Columbians.


Ombudsperson welcomes Premier’s apology to Doukhobors and commitment to work with community...

Victoria – BC’s Ombudsperson is pleased government has finally apologized for the detention of Doukhobor children in the 1950s and welcomed the Premier’s commitment to further work with the Doukhobor...

Thousands of BC workers forced to pay back COVID-19 benefit…

Victoria – The Ministry of Finance unfairly clawed back a key COVID-19 benefit that helped thousands of British Columbians offset employment losses during the pandemic, a new report released today by the Ombudsperson finds.