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News releases

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February 27, 2024
Ombudsperson welcomes Premier’s apology to Doukhobors and commitment to work with community on compensation package
Victoria – BC’s Ombudsperson is pleased government has finally apologized for the detention of Doukhobor children in the 1950s and…
December 7, 2023
BC independent oversight offices urge public consultation, legislative reform on use of artificial intelligence
Victoria – Three oversight Officers of the Legislature are urging the BC government to expand its consultation on draft principles…
November 21, 2023
Thousands of BC workers forced to pay back COVID-19 benefit because of retroactive requirement the Ministry of Finance never advised them of, new Ombudsperson report finds
Victoria – The Ministry of Finance unfairly clawed back a key COVID-19 benefit that helped thousands of British Columbians offset…
October 3, 2023
Financial support programs for people displaced by extreme weather emergencies outdated and unfair: Ombudsperson report finds
Victoria – In a report released today, the BC Ombudsperson finds emergency support programs are outdated, under-resourced, inaccessible for vulnerable…
September 6, 2023
Government refuses to compensate for its own errors that left youth unable to access educational supports and rejects Ombudsperson recommendation to look for other youth impacted
Victoria –In a report released today, the BC Ombudsperson describes how the Ministry of Children and Family Development misinformed a…
July 18, 2023
Government finally agrees to Ombudsperson’s call to apologize for 1950s detention of Doukhobor children, but is vague on compensation
Victoria – In a report released today, the BC Ombudsperson says government’s commitment to apologize later this year to surviving…