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About Us

About us


It’s a strange word, but an important service.

We assist with and investigate complaints from members of the public about the administration of government programs and services. Whether it’s a delay in receiving service or a disagreement with a decision made, we impartially listen and work to find fair solutions to problems that come to us. Under BC’s new whistleblower protection law (the Public Interest Disclosure Act) we also investigate allegations of wrongdoing and reprisal brought forward by current and former provincial government employees. Finally, we share our expertise in promoting fairness through educational workshops, webinars, guides and other resources with public sector organizations. Our services are free and confidential.


We help public sector organizations be more fair and accountable by:
  • Listening, assessing and responding to enquiries and complaints from the public
  • Educating citizens and public organizations about how to be fair in the delivery of services
  • Conducting thorough, impartial and independent investigations
  • Resolving complaints and recommending improvements to policies, procedures and practices
  • Reporting publicly to bring attention to issues that impact the public


We receive between 7,000 and 8,000 complaints a year.

We have over 40 years of experience investigating complaints.

We oversee more than 1,500 public sector organizations.

Free.  Confidential.  Independent.  Fair.

The laws that govern our work

There are two laws that set out what we are able to investigate and how.

  1. Ombudsperson Act
  2. Public Interest Disclosure Act
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