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Fairness in a Changing Climate

Outdated, under-resourced, poorly communicated, inaccessible

Government disaster supports in BC are not meeting the demands of thousands of people who continue to be displaced by extreme weather events. Find out about what needs to change to make sure these programs meet the needs of people who need them the most.

"The aftermath of the fire and flood is life-changing."

Our Investigation

Using the wildfires and floods of 2021 as a case study, we took a deep look at two key programs that support people who are displaced from their homes. As the impacts of climate change increase, we wanted to know whether these programs are being delivered fairly and are accessible to people who need them.


On Thursday, October 26th at 10:30am, the Ombudsperson and investigative staff will be holding a one-hour online presentation via Zoom highlighting key findings and recommendations.

Emergency Support Services (ESS)

Short-term supports

Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA)

Provides support to rebuild

Looking Ahead

Fairness in a changing climate