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For Organizations
Fairness Education & Resources

We can help you be more fair in the work you do.

The BC Ombudsperson has a specialized team dedicated to working proactively to ensure that public sector organizations act fairly and reasonably in their interactions with the public. We want to help promote fairness by sharing our expertise in administrative fairness outside of the context of our formal investigations.

Interested in learning more about administrative fairness?
Are you interested in educational resources for your organization?
Looking for help developing policies and procedures?
How we help
Do you work for a public organization in British Columbia?
Do you make decisions under legislation, policy or other rules that impact members of the public?
Do you want to follow a fair decision making process?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you learn more about how to fairly make decisions and deliver public services.

Our team provides training and voluntary consultation to help support fairness in the public sector. We work collaboratively with organizations under our jurisdiction to review policies, provide advice, and ensure emerging issues receive an appropriate response to help prevent problems from escalating and resulting in further complaints. We also offer fairness education in a variety of ways, including webinars, workshops and e-Learning courses.

Our training and consultation team proactively supports fairness across the public sector to help prevent issues in service delivery that can lead to complaints.

Why fairness matters

Fairness in public service delivery is in everyone’s best interests – ensuring your policies, procedures and practices are fair is good for your organization, your employees and the people you serve.

By following a fair process, members of the public can better understand the reasons for decisions being made by those in positions of authority. It helps to build public trust in public services if decision makers can clearly demonstrate and explain how and why decisions are made.