Missing Tunes

Authority Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission

Nate, a patient at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, was disappointed to find his iPod music player had gone missing. Along with other belongings, the device had been placed in storage when Nate was housed in seclusion, following an incident. After Nate was released from seclusion, he retrieved his other belongings and asked for the iPod without success. Nate contacted us, saying the hospital had given him three different explanations. Either another patient took it, the iPod was still in storage somewhere, or Nate never had an iPod.

In response to our investigation the hospital confirmed it had been unable to locate Nate’s device after a thorough search. It suggested: maybe Nate gave away the iPod?

We reviewed the hospital’s property records carefully. The records indicated that the device was placed in storage when Nate went into seclusion. There was no record of the iPod being signed out of storage, and it was not found in storage when Nate specifically requested it.

Given that the device appeared to have gone missing while in the hospital’s custody, we asked that it be replaced. The hospital replaced the iPod and gave it to Nate. We followed up with Nate – he was happy to have his new iPod and thanked us for our help.

Names in our case summaries have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. This case study can also be found in the 2016-2017 Annual Report.

Category Children and Youth, Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2016
Location The Lower Mainland