How Do You Budget for This?

Authority Ministry Of Social Development and Social Innovation

Cecil was released from hospital after several trying weeks of cancer treatment. Finally home, a new set of stresses emerged: between the new medical supplies and regular transportation to medical appointments, Cecil’s costs were stacking up. The new expenses took their toll on his food budget.

With the support of his doctor and a dietitian, Cecil submitted forms to the ministry requesting financial assistance. The ministry told Cecil to expect a response within five days. On day five, he called the 1-800 number for an update and was now told to wait up to three weeks. Worried, Cecil called us.

We asked the ministry to give Cecil a call and the ministry agreed, reaching him the next day. The ministry also suggested Cecil might apply for Persons with Disability status to increase his assistance and sent him information about that process. When we checked in with Cecil his assistance had been approved and he could now focus on his recovery. Cecil thanked us for the help.

Resolved via Early Resolution.

Category Health, Income and Benefits
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2015
Location The North