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What I thought I heard

Sunday, May 1, 2016

North Fraser Pretrial Centre

While being held in segregation, Colin believed he overheard something inappropriate occur at a cell nearby involving a staff member and an inmate. Colin took his concerns to both the centre and to the Investigation and Standards Office. After being told each time that he lacked evidence to support his allegations, Colin contacted us.

We agreed to investigate, and reviewed both the centre’s investigation records involving Colin’s complaint and the investigation process at the centre more generally. The evidence we reviewed supported the centre’s conclusion that no inappropriate conduct occurred. It appeared Colin’s allegations were unfounded.

We did, however, have concerns about the way the centre investigated Colin’s complaint. Specifically, we looked at the centre’s procedures. We suggested the centre could amend its procedures to ensure that a series of steps were followed consistently. The centre agreed and promptly revised its Inmate Complaint Procedure to clearly set out the steps to be taken and the evidence to be retained when inmates make a complaint about staff.

Although Colin did not get the results he wanted, we were satisfied that the changes made would improve the correctional centre’s investigative process and accountability going forward – for all inmate complaints.

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