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Outdated information

Monday, May 1, 2017

Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

Shane had a trapline tenure that allowed him to trap certain animals within designated parts of the province. For several years Shane had paid the required fees to the province, set up traps and satisfied the obligations of his tenure agreement. Eventually, Shane started having trouble gaining access to his trapline area. He told us the Ministry had granted another entity tenure for a utility development that overlapped with his trapping area and affected his ability to access his trapline. Shane raised his concern about the effects on his trapline tenure with the part of the ministry responsible for granting the overlapping tenures. He also asked the ministry for more details about his tenure rights and whom to contact about a number of issues. Shane told us the ministry provided him with conflicting and outdated information, which left him confused about his rights and what the ministry’s role should be in helping the relationship between him and the tenure holder for the utility development. When the ministry did not address most of his concerns satisfactorily he came to us. In response to our investigation the ministry acknowledged it had given Shane conflicting and outdated information. In order to resolve Shane’s concerns the ministry agreed to contact him by phone and in writing to ensure he had the correct and up to date information. The ministry also wrote the other tenure holder to try to improve their communications with Shane. This would help make sure that Shane had access to his traplines. The Ministry also told us it removed the outdated and inaccurate information from its internal and external websites to lessen the chances of somebody else in Shane’s position from being misinformed in the future.

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