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Let me see my kids

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ministry of Children and Family Development

Cathy contacted our Office with a complaint that she was being unfairly restricted from spending time with her children. A Traditional Family Case Planning Meeting was held in mid-June 2017 and an agreement was made that Cathy would have supervised access to her children twice weekly that would be coordinated by a delegated Aboriginal agency (DAA). However, Cathy told us she was not seeing her children regularly and she felt this was unfair.

When we investigated we were told by the DAA that the reason the access was not currently occurring was because the DAA had intended that access be supervised by a contracted local organization but this organization did not have the necessary number of staff to supervise Cathy’s two visits a week.

As a result of our investigation however the DAA did work with the contracted organization making it possible for Cathy to see her kids twice a week.

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