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Flooded with high water bills

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Claudette lived in a strata building and she and her neighbors had concerns about their high water bills. Claudette shared her water bills with us and explained that even though the strata consumed approximately the same volume of water per unit as a single-family dwelling, they were being charged a disproportionately higher cost per cubic foot of water in comparison with single-family dwellings.

We investigated the fairness of Mill Bay Waterworks District’s water toll bylaw. We learned that indeed, those living in multi-family dwellings were being charged for most of their water at a higher rate without justification, which in our view was not equitable or fair.

We asked the District to amend the bylaw so that multi-family dwellings like Claudette’s would be charged for their water consumption in the same way as single-family dwellings in the District. After receiving confirmation from the District that this amendment was made, we closed our file