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Easy debt relief

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ministry of Health

Joseph had a job that paid his Medical Services Plan premiums. He had not seen an MSP bill for some time and was surprised one day to receive a bill for unpaid MSP premiums in the mail. Joseph checked with his employer – the mistake wasn’t on their end. Those bills had been paid.

Joseph got on the phone, but couldn’t get through: Health Insurance BC referred Joseph to Revenue Services BC, the provincial collections agency. RSBC referred him back to HIBC. When Joseph asked for a supervisor his calls were not returned. It continued. After a year attempting to resolve the issue unsuccessfully on his own, Joseph called us.

We spoke with HIBC who agreed to review its file. Joseph’s account had been removed from his group plan in error. His bills had, in fact, been paid in full.

HIBC then called Joseph to discuss his poor service experience – and to confirm he was no longer $1600 in arrears. With the matter resolved, Joseph said he only wished he called us sooner.

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