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Cancelled childcare

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Julie was accepted into WorkBC’s Single Parent Employment Initiative Program. As a single parent and income assistance recipient, Julie received tuition payments and child care coverage while she pursued career training with paid work experience. Thanks in part to the supports she received through the program, Julie’s studies were going very well – she had successfully completed her first term and received approval for her second term of training.

Entering into her second term, Julie received funds for her daycare deposit and registration under the training agreement she had signed with the program. Towards the end of her second term, however, Julie unexpectedly received a bill from WorkBC for $450, asking her to pay back some of the child care funds she had received under the program. Upset by this, and unable to pay the full $450, Julie called WorkBC. It explained that the program had mistakenly provided her with funds for her daycare deposit and registration. Julie thought it was unfair that WorkBC would ask her to return the funds she needed to complete her studies because of its mistake. With no further response from WorkBC and an outstanding debt, Julie called us for help.

Our investigation determined that WorkBC had entered into a contract with Julie to provide the daycare deposit and registration, and therefore Julie should not have to repay the funds she had received. As a result of our investigation, WorkBC agreed to reconsider its position and not pursue the recovery of funds from Julie. When we checked in with Julie, the debt had been cancelled and the payments she had made towards it were refunded. Julie thanked us for our help.

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