Ministry of Health

We can investigate complaints about the Ministry of Health and the programs and services it provides. We recommend trying to resolve your complaint directly with the ministry before you contact us as often the issue can be resolved more efficiently and effectively. Here’s some information for you as well as some tips on how to make your complaint.

How to Make a Complaint about the Ministry of Health

Complaints about the services offered or the decisions made by Ministry of Health can be raised through the ministries Patient and Client Relations team. There are also specific complaints processes for:

Contact for the Ministry of Health Complaints Process

Phone: 1-833-552-1891

Please visit the Ministry of Health website here to learn more about the complaints process and how to complain about specific programs and services.

Already completed this process?

If you have already gone through this process and want to make a formal complaint to us, here’s what to do next:

Not Sure? Contact Us!

Please contact us directly if you don’t think it would be appropriate for us to require you to go through an available complaint or review process before we consider your complaint. We can consider your specific circumstances before we decide – including the urgency of your complaint or any disabilities or barriers you may be experiencing.

Need Support?

Do you need advocacy, support or legal advice? Click here for a list of links that may help you get the assistance you need.