Civil Disputes

Our Jurisdiction does not cover disputes between private individuals. Not all private disputes have to be resolved through police or the courts, however.

Who to complain to about civil disputes

There are a number of tribunals and other agencies in BC that can help with different types of dispute – and we can investigate complaints about most of those agencies if you feel they have not treated you fairly.

Who to contact

Civil Resolution Tribunal
The Civil Resolution Tribunal can help with many civil disputes without having to go through the courts or have a lawyer helping you, and provides free legal information and tools through their Solution Explorer.

Solution Explorer:

Residential Tenancy Branch
In a dispute with your tenant or landlord? Contact the Residential Tenancy Branch for help. You may also contact Landlord BC or the Tenant Resource Advisory Centre for advice and assistance.

Landlord BC Website:
Tenant Resource Advisory Centre Website:

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Need Support?

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