Information for Public Bodies in B.C.

We help B.C. provincial and local government authorities to ensure that they act fairly and reasonably when they deal with the public.

Over and above investigating individual complaints, we provide our expertise and viewpoint to government authorities under our jurisdiction. We collaborate with them when they are reviewing their policies, programs and emerging issues. We investigate and publish guidance reports for authorities.

We listen

From recent consultations with provincial and local government authorities, we know that public servants want us to be more proactive. We heard that they want us to share our expertise in administrative fairness and complaint handling. They asked us to improve our outreach regarding our role and investigative process. They asked us to explore less formal, more collaborative approaches to resolving issues before complaints arise. They asked us for our help in improving their own programs and policies.

We can help

In response, we are taking our services one step further through the Prevention Initiatives Program.

Through this three-year pilot (2017-2020), we offer webinars, training workshops and individual consultation with public authority staff to support fairness and continuous improvement across the public sector. Our team has investigators with deep experience in the application of administrative fairness principles in settings that range from policy development and program design to direct service delivery and complaint handling. We want to help public authorities improve by sharing this expertise outside of the setting of formal investigations.




We are available to consult with public sector staff on policy and program development, complaints handling, and emerging issues identified in complaint trends. We are also available to present on best practices in fair service delivery and complaint handling or we can tailor a session specific to your organization’s needs. To schedule a presentation, please provide at least one month of advance notice. For more information or to request a presentation or consultation with your staff, please email or call us at 250-508-2950. 

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