Looking For Advice?

You have a choice about where to seek advice.

If you are considering making a disclosure but want to talk about it first you can seek advice from:

  • your union or employee association representative
  • a lawyer
  • your supervisor
  • the Designated Officer in your organization
  • the Ombudsperson

You are protected from reprisal for seeking advice from any of the above. Requests for advice made to the Ombudsperson are confidential.

The Ombudsperson can give you information about the process for reporting wrongdoing or reprisal, explain our procedure for analyzing and investigating allegations, explain what wrongdoing and reprisal are, and give you details about how you are protected. 

The Ombudsperson does not give advice about your legal liability for involvement in wrongdoing or other legal issues. Questions about these matters are for a lawyer you hire for that purpose.


Supporting Employees

Standing up and speaking out about wrongdoing or a reprisal can be a difficult decision. If you have questions about the Act, the role of our office, or if you want to discuss your concerns or learn more about how to report a wrongdoing, you are welcome to contact our office to speak with an investigator. You can reach us at:


Email us



Call us

1-800-567-3247 (toll-free in B.C.) or 250-387-5855 (Victoria)


Visit us

947 Fort St - 2nd floor, Victoria, BC
(a call in advance will allow us to serve you more promptly)

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