You promised me a refund!

Authority Interior Health

Anita received invoices for her mother’s home support services after the health authority told her there would be no fee for the services, due to her mother’s income level. Anita made payments to Interior Health for a few months before contacting it for clarification about the fees. The health authority confirmed the service was free and promised to send Anita a refund for the amount she paid. After several more months of waiting, Anita contacted us for assistance.

Our investigation into the delay confirmed that the invoices had been issued in error. The health authority explained that it did not do a financial assessment when home support services started. As a result, the rate was not adjusted on the account and invoices for payment were automatically sent.

It appeared as though there was a straightforward solution and, after we investigated, the health authority took steps to address the problem. However, when the case manager completed the new financial assessment, the rate was initially not backdated, leading to further delay in the health authority providing Anita with the refund as promised. This meant Anita was only issued a partial refund so we continued our investigation.

The health authority then agreed to backdate the necessary rate adjustment and to refund Anita the remainder of the fees. It also provided Anita with an apology and a written explanation of the reasons for the confusion and delay. Anita was pleased with the outcome and thanked us for our assistance.

Category Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2014
Location The Interior