What do I have to do?

Authority Vancouver Island Health Authority

Harold wanted to participate in a recovery addictions support program, but understood that he could not attend because he had been banned for one year from attending another program that was located on the same property. Harold didn’t think this was a good reason for limiting his access to the group program that he felt would really help him. He understood that his concerns were being reviewed by VIHA, but he hadn’t heard from anyone for some time and he didn’t know who was reviewing the matter or who to contact. Harold was anxious about the delay and thought the one year ban might be over or almost over by the time he got a response.

Our investigation determined that the lack of progress in reviewing Harold’s concerns was caused largely by VIHA’s inability to obtain Harold’s consent for VIHA to contact his probation officer and others to complete the review. After that issue was resolved, but in the course of our investigation, it became clear that Harold misunderstood the reasons he wasn’t permitted to participate in the group program he wanted. The reasons were largely due to his suitability for group programming. The behaviour that led to his ban from the other program was a consideration, but not the primary reason for limiting Harold’s access to the group program he wanted to attend. Harold incorrectly assumed that once his one year ban was complete, he would be able to participate in the group program.

We proposed that VIHA explain to Harold the basis for VIHA’s decision not to allow him to participate in the group program and clarify that the decision was not primarily based on his behaviour in the other program. As well, we suggested VIHA provide Harold with information about any measures he might take to improve his chances of entrance to the program in the future. VIHA agreed to write to Harold to explain both issues.

Category Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2011
Location Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast