Under Inspection: The Hiatus in B.C. Correctional Centre Inspections

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Authority Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Ministry of Justice
Category Corrections
Classification Special Report No. 38
Type Report

Under Inspection: The Hiatus in B.C. Correctional Centre Inspections is the product of the Ombudsperson’s investigation into the program of correctional centre inspections required by B.C. law.

The investigation found that a legally required program of regular inspections of correctional centres was not in place from 2001 until 2012.

Under Inspection includes seven recommendations to address transitions of legally required programs from one ministry to another and to improve the inspection system that was put in place in 2012. When implemented, these changes will ensure that inspections give priority to matters related to inmates’ human rights, health and safety. By 2018, the inspection program is to be brought into compliance with new international minimum standards for the treatment of inmates.

All seven recommendations were accepted by the ministries involved. 

Date Thursday, June 16, 2016