On Time for Treatment

Authority Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

John required regular treatment for late stage cancer. Because he received disability assistance, he was eligible to access assistance for his medical transportation costs. These funds allowed John to attend his chemotherapy and other medical appointments that he would otherwise
have great difficulty getting to.

Unexpectedly, John did not receive his transportation funds and he was forced to cancel a chemotherapy session followed by another critical medical appointment. For John, missing appointments was not an option. Desperate for help, he contacted us.

Our investigation confirmed that John had experienced a number of delays in receiving his transportation funds. Concerned that John might be forced to miss another medical appointment, we asked the ministry to review his file. The ministry started work right away by providing the funds John needed to attend his next medical appointment. The ministry also agreed to provide a policy exemption so that he would automatically receive a monthly payment to cover these costs without having to apply for each medical appointment. 

We checked in with John and he let us know he made it to his medical appointment. He was also relieved to now receive monthly transportation payments because this meant he would no longer have to worry about missing an appointment because he couldn’t afford to get there.

Names in our case summaries have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. This case study can also be found in the 2016-2017 Annual Report.

Category Health, Income and Benefits
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2016
Location The Lower Mainland