Support for college student

Authority Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, Ministry of Justice

Justine told us that she believed that the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program had unfairly stopped collecting child maintenance for her son even though he was attending college full-time. Justine said that she provided Family Maintenance with a letter from her son’s college confirming his full-time attendance. She told us that she talked to her enforcement officer, but she was told that Family Maintenance would not reconsider its decision to cease collecting maintenance.

From the information provided by Justine, it was unclear whether Family Maintenance had provided her with sufficient reasons for the decision to cease maintenance collection. We notified Family Maintenance that we were investigating to determine if the reasons for its actions were adequate and appropriately conveyed to Justine. We obtained additional information and records from Family Maintenance and concluded that it appeared that Family Maintenance may have discontinued collection of child maintenance prematurely.

We suggested to Family Maintenance that it review the process followed in Justine’s case given our assessment. As a result, Family Maintenance agreed that it should not have discontinued maintenance during the period in question and reinstated enforcement of Justine’s maintenance for the appropriate time frame and sent a letter to Justine apologizing for their error. Justine was relieved that she would receive the maintenance that she and her son needed.

Category Children and Youth, Income and Benefits
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2012
Location The Lower Mainland