Setting the record straight

Authority ICBC

Eleanor received a letter from ICBC informing her that the cost of her insurance would rise dramatically because she had two accidents within a short period of time. Eleanor said she only had one accident in that time period, and she worried the second accident was a mistake caused by identity theft because she lost her wallet before the second accident occurred. Eleanor contacted ICBC and they agreed to investigate the incident. Eleanor said she followed-up with ICBC several times over the next year and provided additional information for its investigation, which she was always told was ongoing. However, when she went to renew her insurance, she was surprised to learn the accident was still on her record. Forced to stop driving because her insurance was too expensive, Eleanor contacted our Office. Our Office investigated whether ICBC acted reasonably and without delay when it investigated and refused to remove the second accident from the Eleanor’s driving record.

In response to our questions, ICBC said it had started an investigation into her involvement in the second accident, but the investigation stalled and was never completed. As a result, the accident remained on her record. ICBC suspected that the high workloads faced by its investigators had stalled their investigation, which resumed after we contacted ICBC. ICBC’s investigation ultimately concluded that sufficient doubt arose about the facts of the case and it could not justify keeping the second accident on Eleanor’s driving record. ICBC also stated it had hired additional investigators to address the high workloads of its investigators that caused the investigation to stall initially. Eleanor was grateful that the record had been set straight and that the second accident would no longer impact her insurance costs.

Category Driving and Transportation
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2017