Restoring my coverage

Authority Health Insurance BC – Medical Services Plan, Ministry of Health

Leslie complained that staff representing the Medical Services Plan (MSP) told him they could not restore his medical coverage because they required proof of citizenship. He told us he had lost his wallet and was in the process of getting new identification, but was having difficulty getting a new birth certificate from his home province as he had not been able to get a guarantor who would satisfy the requirements for issuance of a new certificate. As a result he said he would not be able to provide the requested proof of citizenship for several months, and that he was scheduled to have necessary heart surgery which made MSP coverage very important. Leslie said he had been covered under MSP until two years ago, when he moved to Ontario for a year and a half. He said he had already accumulated medical bills totalling more than $3,000 and felt it unfair that he was being denied coverage for not providing proof of citizenship when he had previously been covered under MSP.

We investigated whether MSP had followed a reasonable procedure in responding to Leslie’s application for coverage. We discussed the complaint with a Ministry of Health Services Policy Advisor who was able to identify Leslie’s previous coverage. She told us that the previous coverage had not been identified earlier because Leslie’s birth date had been recorded incorrectly on his original MSP account. The policy advisor restored Leslie’s coverage and backdated it five months which covered his accumulated medical bills. She contacted Leslie to confirm that his coverage was restored. We then considered the complaint settled.

Category Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2012
Location The Interior