In the Public Interest: Protecting Students Through Effective Oversight of Private Career Training Institutions

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Authority Private Career Training Institutions Agency, Ministry of Advanced Education
Category Education
Classification Public Report No. 51
Type Report

Public Report No. 51, In the Public Interest: Protecting Students through Effective Oversight of Private Career Training Institutions is a systemic investigation into the oversight and regulation of private career training institutions released by the Ombudsperson on March 23, 2015.  This investigation into the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) and Ministry of Advanced Education concluded that a lack of effective oversight mechanisms for this sector leaves students vulnerable. The report contains 31 findings and 36 recommendations directed to the Ministry of Advanced Education.

Recommendations were made in five main areas:

  • a governance structure that ensures input from all stakeholders (R1)
  • clear and accessible information for students (R2-R5)
  • adequate monitoring that uses consistent and appropriate standards and regularly hears from students (R6-R20)
  • a system of progressive enforcement that uses administrative penalties and publishes enforcement decisions (R21-R23)
  • an expanded and fairer complaints process for students, at the institution level and at the oversight level (R24-R36)

The Office of the Ombudsperson will continue to monitor progress made by the ministry in mplementing recommendations and will report the results of this monitoring on the office’s website and in annual reports.

Date Monday, March 23, 2015