No entiendo (I don’t understand)

Authority Legal Services Society

Luis, an immigration and refugee detainee who did not speak English, connected with our office after trying to reach a lawyer through Legal Aid. He had been given an information booklet by the Canadian Border Services Agency while he was in detention, which included a number for the Legal Services Society of BC. The issue for Luis was that when he tried the number, there were no language prompts and he could not understand how to get through.

We investigated and found that callers like Luis who called the immigration line were required to listen to options recorded in English and make a number selection, before being able to ask for the assistance of an interpreter in speaking to a Legal Aid assistant. 

As a result of our investigation, the Legal Services Society re-recorded the message on its immigration line to include a number of language prompts, including Spanish, Luis’s native language.

Category Other
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2018