A New Year’s Resolution

Authority Ministry Of Social Development and Social Innovation

Money was tight. Giselle had been assured by the ministry that the amount of income assistance she was receiving would be increased to reflect that her 15 year-old son was living with her. She had been told that this increase would be added before Christmas. It was not.

Earlier, Giselle submitted all the required documentation proving she had sole guardianship of her son. She had no way of anticipating any problems.

By the end of December, Giselle and her son were relying on a $35 crisis grant and the generosity of her son’s friends for food. The ministry could not explain why her income assistance had not been increased to reflect that her son was living with her, but promised to sort it out after New Year’s Day – a holiday for the ministry.

Fearing one more day without food, Giselle contacted us on December 31 and we asked the ministry to call Giselle back to resolve the issue. The ministry started work right away. Before lunchtime, Giselle told us that she informed the ministry of her urgent expenses looking after her son, and the ministry agreed to increase her income assistance to reflect that she had a child. A cheque was ready for Giselle to pick up at 3 pm that day. 

Resolved via Early Resolution.

Category Children and Youth, Income and Benefits
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2015
Location The Lower Mainland