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Authority Interior Health

Dorothy had been discharged from hospital. Due to mobility restrictions, she now required more help at home: Dorothy needed two workers to assist her with her healthcare needs at all times.

The health authority agreed to send two workers, but it simultaneously cut Dorothy’s direct service hours – advising Dorothy that she had reached the maximum number of monthly hours permitted under its policy for home visits with two workers attending. Because this situation did not meet her needs, Dorothy came to us.

We decided to investigate and requested a copy of the health authority’s policy for home support assessments when two-person care is required. The policy stated home support hours are allocated based on clients’ needs and not on a specific allotment of time. Service hours are determined through an assessment of need and should not be affected by the requirement for two-person care.

We believed the health authority had misinterpreted its policy and the health authority agreed. It restored Dorothy’s direct home support hours to the previous level and made two support workers available at all times. Further, the health authority promised Dorothy that it would not reduce her service as long as she required this level of support.

Category Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2014
Location The Interior