Ministry takes extra steps to help single mom

Authority Ministry of Social Development

Dharma and her child were facing eviction from subsidized housing because she was unable to pay her rent. Dharma had applied for emergency assistance from the Ministry of Social Development. She explained that she could not pay her rent because money had been stolen from her bank account. When the ministry reviewed her bank account activity to determine her eligibility for assistance, they questioned a recent transaction and requested more information from her, delaying her application. Dharma and her five-year-old daughter were facing immediate eviction from their subsidized housing unit. She did not think that the ministry was going to assist her.

We investigated to ensure there was no delay in processing Dharma’s request for assistance. The Employment and Assistance Worker (EAW) informed us that the ministry needed one piece of financial information before it could approve assistance for Dharma. We informed the worker about Dharma’s pending housing crisis and inquired whether the ministry ever contacted landlords directly to advise them that the process was delayed. The worker offered to get the needed information and to talk to Dharma’s landlord to request an extension on the eviction.

Later that same day, the EAW informed us that she had the necessary information to approve assistance for Dharma, and that the landlord had agreed to extend the eviction notice. The EAW let Dharma know that a cheque would be available the following morning and that she would likely be eligible for assistance for the following month as well. Dharma was able to pay her rent and avoid losing her housing and her rental subsidy due to the extra steps that the EAW took on her behalf.

Category Income and Benefits
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2010
Location The Lower Mainland