Look who’s back in town

Authority Health Insurance BC - MSP, Ministry of Health

 After receiving medical tests at a lab, Marco received a $159 invoice and some distressing news – his Medical Services Plan coverage had been cancelled. Knowing that he had been paying premiums, Marco called Health Insurance BC (HIBC) to resolve the issue. After being told to reapply, Marco called us looking for answers. In talking with Marco, we learned he had not yet talked to a manager. We offered to make the connection. In doing so, HIBC offered us some clarity. In planning to leave B.C., Marco had been granted an extended absence. This allowed Marco to retain coverage abroad for up to two years. Unfortunately, when the two year mark passed, HIBC automatically cancelled Marco’s coverage assuming he was still out-of-province. In fact, Marco decided to return and had been back in B.C. for well over a year. As a result of our call, HIBC called Marco the same day, informing him that his medical coverage was reinstated – he need not reapply. HIBC also invited Marco to submit his $159 invoice for reimbursement. 

Category Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2017