It didn’t need to be so complicated

Authority Vital Statistics Agency, Ministry of Health

Bayani contacted us after his attempts to resolve a simple matter were unsuccessful. Bayani had submitted a wills notice to the Vital Statistics Agency in 2005. The location of the will was abbreviated on Bayani’s Wills Notice form and what was intended as a street in a British Columbia city was recorded by the Vital Statistics Agency as a town, based on the street name, in the USA. Bayani did not notice the error until April 2012 at which time he wrote a letter to the Vital Statistics Agency requesting correction of the agency’s records.

Bayani received a brief letter in response stating that the information received by the Vital Statistics Agency was recorded correctly. Bayani conceded that the information he provided in 2005 was not the clearest, but he pointed out that the agency’s interpretation was not a reasonable one. When he did not receive a reply, he wrote again. Receiving no further response, he begrudgingly completed a new Wills Notice form and enclosed the required fee for the correction of the error. He contacted us several months after writing the last letter because he felt that he should have had a response to the concerns he raised.

We wanted to ensure that the process followed by the agency was fair and reasonable. When we notified the agency of our investigation, staff responded quickly. The agency wrote to Bayani acknowledging that the record should have been updated without charge when he drew the error to the agency’s attention, confirming that the record had now been updated and returning the fee that Bayani had paid. We considered the matter settled and closed our file.

Category Other
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2012
Location The Lower Mainland