Help for a family

Authority Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation

Peter contacted us because the ministry was withholding his monthly income assistance cheque. He told us he had a family of four and didn’t have money for food. He said that ministry staff had asked him for documents related to income from previous jobs, but he believed that he had submitted everything he had been asked for and no one was returning his calls.

We contacted a supervisor and explained we were investigating whether there was an unreasonable delay in releasing a cheque to the family. The supervisor reviewed the file records with us. She explained that Peter’s continuing eligibility was under review due to allegations received about undisclosed employment and other income, as well as discrepancies in some of the information he had submitted. A ministry investigative officer had met with Peter to request documents. Some of the documents Peter presented led to requests for additional clarification. As some of the requested documents hadn’t been received, the ministry notified Peter by mail about which documents were still outstanding. Because the documents were related to his current eligibility, the ministry also advised that the next cheque would be held until the documents were submitted.

The supervisor agreed to review the situation and, after doing so, informed us that the investigative officer had contacted Peter again and was treating the file as a priority. She was also prepared to review the documents as soon as they were received. Peter subsequently told us that he now understood what was required and would send the information to the ministry. The supervisor later informed us that the documents were submitted and Peter’s cheque was released.

Category Income and Benefits
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2013
Location The North