A halal diet required

Authority Ministry of Children and Family Development

Mansur was being held at Burnaby Youth Custody Services Centre (the Centre) and was concerned that the food he was being served was not certified halal, a requirement of his religion. Mansur spoke to staff at the Centre about his dietary requirements. While he was being served food marked as being halal, he had some questions about how the food was prepared and his questions were met with unclear answers.

Concerned and unsure if he should be eating the food, Mansur connected with us during a site visit to the Centre.

While Mansur had raised concerns with staff members on his living unit, he had not spoken to the Centre’s Director of Operations, nor had he made a formal complaint.
We spoke to the Director of Operations on Mansur’s behalf to discuss his concerns and were provided with the policy regarding special diets and procedures for preparing halal food to avoid cross-contamination. To alleviate Mansur’s concerns, the Director offered to have the Centre’s Supervisor of Dietary Services meet with him. Mansur met with the supervisor who explained the steps kitchen staff take regarding halal food preparation and answered the questions he had. Mansur was reassured that the food had been prepared in a way that met his religious requirements.

Category Children and Youth
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2018