Father reimbursed for the cost of his son’s flight home

Authority Interior Health Authority

Sam contacted our Office because Interior Health Authority (IHA) staff had not kept their promise to transport his son, Frank, by air ambulance from Royal Jubilee Hospital back to a hospital near his home after his treatment in Victoria.

We investigated this matter and reviewed IHA’s records and policies. While we were unable to find evidence that IHA staff had promised to fly Frank home by air ambulance if he was discharged, it seemed clear that everyone expected Frank would not be discharged in Victoria but rather would be returning to a hospital in Interior Health. In these circumstances, he would have been returned by air or land ambulance. The discussions that Sam and Frank had with IHA staff before Frank was taken by air ambulance to Victoria had all taken place with that assumption in mind. After extensive discussions with IHA staff, IHA decided in these unusual circumstances to reconsider its earlier decision and agreed to reimburse the cost of Frank’s flight, which had been paid by Sam.

Sam wrote to our Office to express his appreciation for the work we did settling his complaint.

Category Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2010
Location The Interior