Fair pay

Authority Interior Health Authority

Ms. Henderson complained that the Interior Health Authority’s (IHA) response to her request for a reduction in her residential care rate was unfair because the health authority had not adequately taken into account her financial commitment to supporting her teenage daughter.

We investigated whether IHA followed a fair procedure in responding to Ms. Henderson’s request for a rate reduction. When the health authority provided its response on the matter it gave us copies of records related to Ms. Henderson’s request and told us Ms. Henderson had been granted a reduction in her residential care rate due to a more recent change in her income. After reviewing the records provided and discussing the rate review process with IHA staff, we were satisfied that Ms. Henderson’s initial request for a rate reduction had been processed fairly.

However, based on the information provided by IHA about Ms. Henderson’s more recent rate reduction, it was unclear based on the ministry’s Home and Community Care Policy Manual and the information provided by the health authority why Ms. Henderson would not qualify for a rate below the prescribed minimum. We asked IHA to reconsider its assessment and, IHA as a result, reduced Ms. Henderson’s rate based on hardship retroactive to the date of the change in her income.

Category Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2012
Location The Interior