A case of mistaken identity

Authority Provincial Health Services Authority

Daniel was receiving bills for his deceased brother’s ambulance fees. He had reached out to Health Insurance BC (HIBC) and found out that his and his brother’s MSP account information had been accidentally merged. HIBC updated the information after Daniel pointed out the error, but he was unable to resolve the issue with BC Emergency Health Services. His brother’s ambulance bill was in collections and Daniel was receiving notices from the collection agency.

We looked into the matter on Daniel’s behalf and spoke to the Client Services Administrator at BC Emergency Health Services. After discussing Daniel’s situation, the administrator confirmed the ambulance fees were for Daniel’s brother. Realizing the error, she pulled the ambulance debt owed out of collections and marked Daniel’s brother’s account as being “deceased” as they do not collect on deceased files. Daniel was told he would not receive any further notices. 

Category Health
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2018