The Bus Stops Here

Authority BC Transit

Before moving, Val asked her future landlord whether her new home was serviced by handyDART. Val relied on handyDART to get around. The landlord told her that handyDART drove right past her house. Val proceeded with the move believing there would be handyDART service available at her new home.

After Val moved, she applied for service and received some upsetting news. Her home was not in the handyDART service area: she would not be receiving service. Val asked: why her neighbour and not her? To Val, it seemed grossly unfair. 

The transit authority explained to Val that her neighbour had been “grandparented in” when the service area boundaries had changed. Folks who moved after the boundary change were unfortunately denied service.

Unwilling to watch the bus pass her by, Val contacted us. We launched an investigation and the transit authority responded. There had been some miscommunication. Boundary changes were being discussed but no changes had been made. Val was in the handyDART service area.  

The transit authority contacted Val directly with the good news. We followed up too. Val told us she was happy with the outcome and was looking forward to her first ride. Like her neighbour, she could now access handyDART service from her home.

Category Driving and Transportation
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2016
Location Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast