Assistance provided for laid-off worker

Authority Ministry of Social Development

Erik, a truck driver, had his driver’s licence suspended for 90 days because he had too many demerit points. Erik said this suspension was completely unexpected and meant he was not able to work for three months. Erik said he could normally do other work for his employer that did not require driving, but there was currently a shortage of other work. Erik’s temporary unemployment had left him without money for rent or food. Given his situation, Erik had applied for income assistance until he could return to work. However, the ministry told Erik he was not eligible because he had lost his licence due to his own actions, so he fell within the sections of the legislation that state a person is ineligible for assistance if they have been fired or quit. Erik said he had only been laid off while his licence was suspended. Erik said his employer had written a letter confirming that he was laid off and was welcome to come back to work after the suspension was over.

We investigated whether Erik had been given adequate reasons for the decision that he was not eligible for assistance based on the circumstances of his unemployment. As a result of our investigation, the ministry reviewed Erik’s circumstances and determined that he was only laid off from work and was therefore eligible for assistance. Erik was able to pick up an assistance cheque the following day. He was very happy with this outcome. We considered the complaint to be settled and closed our file.

Category Income and Benefits
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2010
Location The Lower Mainland