Accounting errors fixed for a single parent

Authority Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, Ministry of Justice

Laura was receiving child support, which was administered through the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program. She complained about collection and accounting errors that FMEP made on her account in relation to special expenses. When she raised her concerns with FMEP they took steps to address them. However, in doing so, she said that they made additional accounting mistakes. Laura was particularly concerned that they entered post-secondary expenses late on the account.

We investigated whether FMEP followed a reasonable procedure in responding to Laura’s concerns about the collection and accounting of court ordered special expenses. We pointed out to FMEP that some of the expenses were entered on the account ten months after the court order and asked FMEP to review the file. As a result, FMEP recognized that some of the expenses were entered on the wrong dates and that adversely affected Laura.

We suggested that FMEP could adjust the account so that the expenses showed on the date as contained in the court order, rather than the date that the order was entered, Laura would then receive interest on those expenses for that period. FMEP agreed and adjusted Laura’s account to reflect the amounts and dates for special expenses just as the court had previously ordered. They also gave Laura a correct and updated account statement showing the revised records.

Category Income and Benefits
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2013
Location Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast