How We Handle Complaints

When people contact us with a complaint, a preliminary assessment is done. The assessment may determine whether we have jurisdiction, if other internal dispute resolution processes can be used, if the complainant is directly affected and if it is a matter that is before the courts.

Early Resolution Process

Our early resolution process is designed to deal swiftly and effectively with complaints that we believe can be resolved without a full, formal investigation. Complaints we consider for the early resolution process concern include:

  • unreasonable delay or service,
  • poor communication,
  • lack of information, and/or
  • failure to provide an explanation.

Investigation Process

When a matter proceeds to investigation, we consider whether or not there appears to have been any administrative unfairness and if so, we work towards achieving a fair and reasonable resolution. At the end of the investigation, the parties involved are advised in writing of the result. All of our investigations are confidential.

The Office of the Ombudsperson may:

  • provide information about what steps to take to resolve a complaint,
  • resolve complaints through consultation,
  • investigate complaints about administrative unfairness,
  • make recommendations to a public authority, and/or
  • issue reports to the Legislative Assembly.