What Kind of Threat?

Authority Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre

Kyle lived in a unit that allowed inmates opportunities to interact, exercise and enjoy fresh air.

One evening, the unit was locked down after a series of related incidents that might threaten the security of the centre. Kyle was separately confined and searched. Staff also searched his cell and confiscated personal items.

The next morning, Kyle’s possessions were returned and he was given a notice. The notice said Kyle was separately confined because he was jeopardizing the management, operation or security of the centre, or was likely to do so.

Kyle did not think his separate confinement was warranted and was also concerned about the effect the separate confinement notice might have on his eligibility for sentence remission later on.

For the next eight days, the unit was on rotational lock down and Kyle was rarely allowed out of his cell. Kyle made a call to us just before the unit returned to regular routine.

Correctional centres are authorized to place inmates in temporary separate confinement in a number of circumstances including when there is a credible threat to their personal safety. Our investigation determined Kyle and others had been separately confined for their safety and not because they were jeopardizing the management, operation or security of the centre.

We asked the centre to write to Kyle and other inmates who were given the wrong explanation for their separate confinement. We also asked the centre to amend any records that did not accurately record the reasons for the separate confinement.

The correctional centre acknowledged its error, wrote to Kyle, corrected records and established a process for addressing related problems for other inmates on the unit. Kyle could rest assured knowing that the reason for his separate confinement was now correctly recorded.

Category Corrections
Type Case Summary
Fiscal Year 2015
Location Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast